There is a safe place for you:
​   To Find the silver-lining in your emotional and
daily life challenges...
 To Discover how to fit the pieces of your life back
together into a beautiful whole...
    To Explore without judgment
what it is like
to be
fully human, yet fully Divine....
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In The Space of Love

​​  ​Comprehensive Energy Therapies by Cynthia Higgins, MD

About Doctor Cynthia Higgins

Dr. Higgins is an Integrative Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker, and Practitioner of Energy Psychology. ​​​​​

Education and Experience: 

● Bachelors Degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Princeton University 

● Medical Doctorate Internship from Duke University

● Medical Doctorate, Adult Psychiatry Residency and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Certifications from the University of South Florida College of Medicine

● She is an active member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. In the Space of Love is the therapy division of her new company,  Work of Angels, LLC (formerly Serenity Services)

● She offers individual sessions, classes and workshops on Energy Psychology and other meditative techniques

● She has made the following Radio and Video appearances: 

​                             --The InnerView with Host Darlene Coleman:



                               -Featured Video produced by CUTV News

●One of 50 Featured Women in "AMERICA'S LEADING LADIES who positively impact the world: Stories of Courage, Challenge and Triumph" by author Pat Sampson

Description: "Oprah Winfrew, Melinda Gates, and 50 women of discinction share their success stories, and in their inspiring optimism and passion to moving forward, speak to allof us-to take charge of our own destiny and live our dreams!"

​● Named by the prestigious ​​​International Association of Top Professionals as the Top Energy Psychiatrist of 2019:


Radio Programs
-"Alternative Approaches in Psychiatry" with Host Jim Masters on the nationally recognized CUTV News Blog as a 6-part series that you can listen to on BlogTalkRadio via the respective links to the right:

This series was popular with several major media chains such as the Daily Herald and Star Tribune, that Dr. Higgins was asked to return for a second, 3-part series​.

Part 1
Part 4
Part 2
Part 5
Part 3
Part 6


​​​​I admit that my emergence into what I refer to as the world of the "psychospiritual" has not been easy: I entered medicine with a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and, outside of my own spirituality, a fundamental belief that I could only trust what could be scientifically proven. However, it seemed I was destined to take part in a revoluton of medical thought.  Interactions with my patients and events in my life brought me closer to trusting what was in my heart.

To my practice, I began attracting people seeking to access and live a deeper truth than what the world expected of them. This coincided with my belief that if we are to alter the rising tide of negative outcomes in mental health, we as providers would have to go much farther than what is typically expected of us. I have described myself as an intuitive being adrift in a sea that only had room for medical logic. Fortunately, Energy Psychology has been the link to allow both science and spirituality to seamlessly coexist.

Abundant medical research supports that the mystical experiences about which our society has been so ambivalent can no longer be relegated as insignficant. Long before we become consciously aware of a problem, it first exists as an energetic disturbance or departure from our ideal state. This disturbance can be shaped by our perceptions and beliefs, which means outcomes can be altered. When you consider that the majority of our medical expenditures and indeed the rising cost of health care is based on conditions that have already occurred, tools that focus on prevention can be life-changing. Enter the blessing of Energy Psychology:  This transformation in how we see and treat ourselves can begin with taking a closer look at our innate potential.

--C. Higgins

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