There is a safe place for you:
​   To Find the silver-lining in your emotional and
daily life challenges...
 To Discover how to fit the pieces of your life back
together into a beautiful whole...
    To Explore without judgment
what it is like
to be
fully human, yet fully Divine....
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In The Space of Love

​​  ​Comprehensive Energy Therapies by Cynthia Higgins, MD

Reflections in the Soul Mirror
Guided Meditation Series

Are you ready to become the expert  you call when you need to make the really important life decisions?  Meditation  can be that game-changer.  Among its many benefits, It has been shown to help you:

●Turn inspiraiton into action
●Improve your focus 
●Discover novel solutions to everyday problems

●Maintain a state of optimism
●Create a sense of calm
●Enhance your intuitive abilities
●Lower blood pressure and anxiety

Having trouble finding your purpose,? Having ssues with a co-worker, relationship or health challenge?  Lets discover together what remains hidden beneath the obvious problem. 

Reflections in the Soul Mirror is a series of online guided, meditations . Each month you will have the opportuniity to participate in a live session or listen to the recording  of a meditation designed to help you gain clarity and find solutions to some of life's most challenging circumstances. 

Series starts January 29, 2020, 3pm-4pm EST,  and continues on the last Sunday of each month

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RX:      See yourself as angels do

Sig:      One glance taken into
             the heart daily and  
             spread liberally around
             the world

Disp:   LIfetime quantity   

             Cynthia Higgins, MD     
Sometimes the most important medicine is a drink from the fountain of unlimited you...

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Steps Towards the LIght
An Ascension Meditation Series