There is a safe place for you:
​   To Find the silver-lining in your emotional and
daily life challenges...
 To Discover how to fit the pieces of your life back
together into a beautiful whole...
    To Explore without judgment
what it is like
to be
fully human, yet fully Divine....
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In The Space of Love

​​  ​Comprehensive Energy Therapies by Cynthia Higgins, MD

  The Healing Angel Protocol ™

"No problem can be solved by the consciousness in which it was created"
Albert Einstein

●The Healing Angel Protocol ™ is a unique and powerful Shamanic therapy that connects both practitioner and client to the highest possible Divine Frequency for growth, healing and messages.  

●Ideal for Healing Arts practitioners or First Responders.

●Acts to elevate consciousness as well as vibrational frequency.

●Aligns one emotionally, mentally and physically with desired outcomes
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​​●Releases family patterns of trauma, anxiety or depression so that they no longer limit functioning or life choices.

​●Supports the Sacred Relationship between client and Source Energy.

●Allows for deeper connection with intuiton and greater confidence in emerging abilities.

-●Empowers self-healing; the practitioner acts as a facilitator, not the origin of this sacred exchange.  

●Effective as a stand-alone modality or as an addition to an existing wellness practice.

​Experiencing Healing Angel Protocol™:
​As a client:

​​​"Cynthia is truly amazing! I have been her client for a few years & I will never go to another practitioner. Her spirit and energy is so calming and her determination to help get to the root of the issue is genuine. After a session with her, I notice the effects immediately and she provides suggestions on how to maintain the positive effects in between sessions. She has continued to be a huge support in my healing journey and I highly recommend her!" --JG
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As a practitioner:

The transformative power of this modality speaks very specifically to the reason I entered the field of medicine, and more powerfully than anything I have ever done. Just as X-rays were once a novel tool, the 
Healing Angel Protocol™ has not previously been available to 
humankind before now. Its impact is so intimate; it can touch you so deeply, that it is impossible to walk away, even as a provider, without being changed. To connect with the aspect of us that we call Divine by any definition, and to serve as a vehicle to make such a difference in someone's life is both humbling and reverent --CH

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