There is a safe place for you:
​   To Find the silver-lining in your emotional and
daily life challenges...
 To Discover how to fit the pieces of your life back
together into a beautiful whole...
    To Explore without judgment
what it is like
to be
fully human, yet fully Divine....
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In The Space of Love

​​  ​Comprehensive Energy Therapies by Cynthia Higgins, MD

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Lifewave X39 Patch®

The Lifewave X39 Patch® is a remarkable quantum biotechnology that is both restorative and preventative. It works on the principle of biophotomodulation. By stimulating the body's own regenerative properties through light technology, it is a wonderful addition to traditional medical regimens. It has a unique place in a healthcare market that is symptom instead of wellness-driven. It has no known side-effects and is painless to use. It has significant medical research attesting to its effectveness in the following areas:

--decreasing pain and inflammation                --improving quality of sleep
--accelerating wound healing                            --accelerating exercise recovery
--minimizing the symptoms of aging

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Work of Angels™ Aura Enhancing Sprays

If you could change your energy, change what you could attract or improve the energy of your environment, how would your life be different? 

Since 2016, approximately $4 billion USD was spent worldwide by people seeking relief from insomnia, low energy, lack of focus and stress through aromatherapy products. If you are like most people, what drives this interest is the search for something natural. You can experience the peacefulness of Work of Angels Aura Enhancing Sprays with long-lasting benefits. Channeled directly from the Angelic Realm, these aromatically scented sprays can be used like a perfume or as a space-clearing tool to create a dynamic boost to your presence in everyday life. 

Working directly with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your auric field, these vibration-enhancing tools serve the following functions for individuals and energy practitioners:
✦Creates grounding necessary for release of anxiety
✦Instantly aligns the chakras and promotes confidence
✦Shifts mental blocks to receiving abundance
✦Attracts Angelic Beings to your aura
✦Enhances your manifesting abilities
✦Creates deeper and more profound experiences during massage or other energetic work. 
✦Establishes a protective energetic boundary between you and your environment
✦Helps to resolve and clear lower vibrational frequencies, allowing you to connect with progressively higher levels of consciousness and guidance. 

Untouched Aura Photos 

On the Left of each photo:  
Before Use
On the Right of each photo:
 After Use
Here's what customers are saying about Work of Angels™️ Aura Sprays:​​

"[Merlin's Enchantment] is truly, truly, truly magical!" --Brooke, Metaphysical Shop Owner

“I’m an Energy Healer. When I use the Psychic Development spray, it makes me more sensitive to energy so that I actually feel naked without it!” --DN

“It [Psychic Development] opened my crown chakra like a beast! The top of my head was tingling and, later that day, it was like people were drawn to me.” --MW

"All 3 of my children refuse to go to sleep unless I spray the Detach in their rooms. They are sensitive to energy and say they feel safe and protected when I spray it." --KM

" All of my clients reported miraculous results! Many have felt a huge difference vibrationally, not to mention they smell amazing!" --MRC, Reiki Master

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